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Are you looking for some new ways to express yourself creatively? Or maybe you want to improve your skills in drawing or painting? Whatever your artistic goals might be, there are plenty of online art classes and courses out there.

Online art classes and courses are becoming increasingly popular because they offer flexibility and convenience. They also provide a great opportunity for students who don’t live near a local school or community center.

Whether you’re interested in learning how to draw, paint, sculpt, design, or create other forms of visual arts, there are tons of online art classes and programs available. They are suited to different degrees of experience, enabling you to find one that is suitable for your skill level.

If you’re thinking about taking an online art class but aren’t sure where to start, here are the top best online art courses:

1. Paintable

Are you interested in digital painting? If so, Paintable will be the perfect place for you to learn this skill. To help track your artistic progress, it has 6 different levels. This feature can give you a real sense of achievement. 

The site offers a variety of tutorials on various topics including digital painting techniques, color theory, and more. You can even use their free trial version to get started with no obligation. 

In fact, it offers 10 free tutorials for merely signing up for the service. This means that you can hone your skills without breaking the bank. 

If you are eager to give digital painting a try, we encourage you to participate in these classes. 

2. New Masters Academy

This is another fantastic option if you want to learn how to paint digitally. It offers a wide range of lessons from beginner to advanced. The main focus is on teaching you how to work with Photoshop. 

However, it does cover many other areas such as anatomy and perspective.

You can access all of its content through the website. There are over 100 lessons included which makes it easy to follow along with. Each lesson comes with a video tutorial that shows you exactly what you need to do. The instructors are really informative. 

In fact, many of them have worked for big name-brands, such as Disney!

You can choose between standard and premium memberships. Though the premium membership is more expensive, it will give you access to a wider array of resources. 

However, the standard membership will be better suited to people who are learning on a budget. 

Online Art Classes Courses

3. SmArt School

Our next recommendation is for SmArt School. Instead of the intimidating and impersonal online classes that are taught in other courses, SmArt School offers more interactive and intimate education. Students will receive personalized attention from their teachers.

They have a large selection of courses ranging from basic drawing and painting to advanced 3D animation. All the lessons are broken down into small modules. These allow you to easily pick up any topic that interests you. 

Each module includes videos, step-by-step instructions, and quizzes. So, whether you are looking to improve your technique or brush up on some new skills, you’ll know exactly what you need to practice. These lessons are taught by experienced teachers who can help you to pick up tons of useful techniques. 

4. Vitruvian Studios

Up next, Vitruvian Studios will be a great starting point for people who want to learn the essentials of art. Its mission is to teach students everything they need to know about art. They offer a wide range of courses from beginners to advanced.

These include everything from traditional oil painting to digital illustration. They also offer several short courses that you can take at your own pace. Each course has an instructor who will walk you through every aspect of the subject. 

Their primary goal is to provide quality instruction so that students can achieve success. All of their instructors are professional artists who have been working in the field for years. That way, you can rest assured that you will learn something new each time you enroll. 

5. Skillshare

Last but not least, Skillshare is an incredible learning community. If you have ever watched a YouTube video, you likely will have seen an advert for Skillshare or it being promoted. 

Essentially, Skillshare is a platform where users share their knowledge and skills. You can use this site to find out about different topics including photography, web design, music production, and much more.

There are thousands of classes available. Some are free while others require a subscription fee. The best part is that you get unlimited access to all of these classes. 

This means that you can watch as many tutorials as you like without having to pay again.

This site has several online art classes, covering different mediums and styles. Some of our favorite art classes on Skillshare include:

Online Art Classes & Courses Buyer’s Guide

Hopefully, this guide will have helped you find the perfect online courses for you. 

However, we should warn you that there are many factors that you will need to think about before selecting an art course. These factors will impact whether a course is right for you. These factors include:

1. Price

Most online courses are not free. Though you may get a certain amount of free classes, most sites charge for art courses. If you are serious about learning how to draw, then you will probably be happy to spend money on your art education.

However, if you are just starting out, then you might want to consider taking a few free classes first. This way, you can see if you enjoy them enough to continue with the paid ones.

To avoid overspending, we strongly urge you to have a budget in mind when you are looking for a course. 

2. Quality

Some sites are better than others. There are lots of websites offering online art classes. Many of these are scams. Others are legitimate but lack high-quality content.

You should always check reviews of any site you plan to join. Reviews are a good place to start when looking for an art class. 

If someone else has taken a course, then you can read what they thought of it. This will allow you to understand whether others thought the classes were worth paying for.

Thankfully, we can assure you that all the sites on this list are of incredible quality. 

Art Materials for Online Classes

3. Skill Level

Any good online course should offer classes at a variety of skill levels. Whether you are an experienced artist or more of a beginner, sites should have classes for you. 

Unfortunately, some courses focus on only classes for beginners or at an advanced level. This makes it difficult for people who do not fit into one category.

We recommend that you look for online courses that cater to everyone. We also advise that you choose a site that offers both beginner and intermediate classes. This way, you will be able to learn something new even if you are already familiar with drawing. 

Plus, this will allow you to progress in skill as you develop a deeper understanding. 

When picking classes, it is important that you bear your skill level in mind to find one that is not too easy or difficult. 

4. Time Commitment

If you are going to take up an art class, then you will need to dedicate time to it. You must remember that you cannot expect to master drawing overnight. It takes time to develop your skills. 

Therefore, you should try to make sure that you set aside plenty of time each week to work on your art.

If you do not have much free time, you may need to pick classes with shorter instructional videos. If not, you may lack the time to fully learn and develop artistic skills. 

5. Art Style

The final consideration that you will need to heed is your preferred art style. 

Some people prefer realism while others like abstract art. While some people like doing life drawings, others prioritize digital art. You will likely already be familiar with what your art style is.

This art style should dictate what classes you pick. Though you can feel free to experiment with other art styles, overall it is best to develop your preferred style. Otherwise, you may end up paying for classes that are not relevant to you. 

Online Art Classes & Courses – FAQ

What Is The Difference Between Online And Offline Art?

Online art refers to learning how to draw or paint using a computer. It usually involves creating images using software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. 

Offline art refers to learning how to create art using real materials such as pencils, paints, clay, etc.

How Long Does It Take To Complete An Online Art Class?

Online art courses tend to last anywhere from one month to three months. In most cases, you will not finish a course within just a few weeks. 

Therefore, if you do not have enough time to dedicate to an art class, then you may want to consider taking an offline art class instead.

Art classes will have varying durations. Therefore, we recommend researching this before committing to a class. 

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