Best Online Art Classes For Kids

Are you looking for some fun art classes for kids? If yes, then you should check out these top online art schools for kids. They offer free lessons and projects to get your child started on their artistic journey.

An art class is a great way to teach children creativity and imagination. There are plenty of online art courses for kids that allow them to explore new mediums and techniques. These art schools provide free online tutorials and lesson plans for beginners.

There are several websites offering free art classes for kids. Some of them even offer paid subscription options. Check out our top picks below.

How We Chose the Best Online Art Classes for Kids

In our article, we have compared many online art classes for kids. We evaluate each platform based on price, class availability, age range, and parental support.

We also look at the number of supplies available for each course. Parents should be careful about choosing an online art school because there are many options out there.

1. Online Art Courses for Kids and Teens | Sparketh

Sparketh is an online platform for learning. It offers over 1000 different courses including baking, painting, drawing, and art. Students can choose from beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. Each course costs $25 per month or $250 for the entire year.

Sparketh is a company that makes games and apps for children. Their main focus is making games for toddlers. They make educational games for preschoolers, and they also make games for older children.

The two founders have been working together since high school. They’ve made many successful products before creating Sparketh. 


  • To teach your younger ones how to get creative!
  • To enable you to see if the company is for you.
  • To make the decision and process easier.


  • However, worth the price.

2. Kids Art Week 2020 – Carla Sonheim Presents

Carla Sonheim is actually a painter and illustrator herself. She has now set up a creativity workshop as an instructor for her fun and quite innovative projects which have been designed to aid art students to rediscover and have fun with a more spontaneous approach to creating art. She is also the author of three art books! 

When her husband decided to phase out of his commercial business, he decided to start taking over the business side of Carla Sonheim presents. They decided to partner with a few teachers and produce their online courses. It worked out well, and so they have added more teachers to their lineup each year.

They have a free 5 lessons-course called kids art week which features Carla herself to encourage creativity amongst younger children and older children through the screen!

The videos are around 20 minutes long to encourage short bursts of creativity rather than long, and exhausting sessions. Children don’t have the best attention spans for long periods of time if they need encouragement, so it’s best to run it this way.


  • To enable your children to be creative on a budget.
  • At any time or day.
  • An exciting experience.


  • This can be an issue, however, can be substituted easily for other supplies.
Best Online Art Classes For Kids

3. Homepage – The Kitchen Table Classroom

We love the simplicity of this project. It was very easy to follow along with the tutorial. We also loved how fast it takes to finish, as having something this easy to follow along with, encourages creativity in children.

These types of online lessons provide a sense of creative freedom to children, which they need when developing, to encourage these skills further in their lives.

These lessons also encourage a community of people to create and discover new passions from an extremely young age, which children love to do anyway.


  • So there is something for every child.
  • To ensure an inclusive experience is possible.
  • So parents will usually have the resources at home.


  • So you may not be able to continue this program for long.

4. Natures Art Club Sales | Lily and Thistle Creative Studio (

You can get monthly membership access to the club which actually includes watercolor painting tutorials, drawing and colored pencil tutors, over 60 nature activities, and a parent’s guide of sorts to nature journaling. 

This is a subscription service billed on a monthly basis, so you can cancel anytime from the account’s management page. Contact Hannah at Lily and Thistle creative studio for more information.

They include 24+ watercolor paintings tutorials that cover multiple subjects and seasons of the year, each including a step-by-step video lesson, additional educational materials, fun facts and observation sheets, coloring pages for younger painters, and a related poem! These tutorials are for all ages!

They have over 60 nature activities for all ages. Included in this category are both downloadable PDF craft tutorials and nature journaling and activity videos to get your kids out into nature and explore the world around them.

Bird lovers can learn even more about birds with their bird-related activities. These nature activities are perfect for all ages!

We love this website because you get to learn how to draw from different artists who teach you step by step. You also get to see some really cool pictures of animals! This site is perfect for beginners or people who want to improve their skills.


  • Inclusive for all ages.
  • To suit children of all ages and skill levels. No one gets left out!
  • If an official member.


  • However, this can be adapted easily.

Art Classes For Kids – A Buyers Guide


The price is something you’ll want to strongly consider before opting for a membership with an online art class. They can vary in price, and you’ll want something that is not only affordable but provides you with the service you’d expect for a children’s online art class. 

If it doesn’t enable your child to engage in creative subjects and push their skills forward positively, consider a different course at a different price. 

Also, if the price is looking to be a struggle to afford, there are plenty of other courses available that don’t break the bank!


Does the course, itself, promote a good quality lesson? If not, then you may want to consider a different online course or class for your child. 

The quality must be present to develop your child’s skills and creativity. That’s the whole point of the class itself, and you’d expect to get a certain level of quality and care from any art class, let alone an online one for children.

Art Materials For Kids

Skill level

Most online art classes should be promoting their class for all skill levels, so any child can partake, regardless of any learning difficulties or setbacks. 

No one should be left out of being able to take part in a fun and experimental art class. These types of art classes are for everyone, so your child should be able to have as much fun as anyone else at all times during the membership.

Time Commitment

Do you have enough time to sit with your child and partake in the online art class you’ve signed up for or paid for? 

This is important when deciding on an online art class because your child can benefit from your encouragement as well as the teacher or tutor. Consider setting aside time each week or every two weeks to do the class with your child and see if this encourages your bond further with them too!

Live and on-demand art classes are the perfect place for kids to learn new skills, relax after school, or just entertain themselves during the weekend. 

Sparketh offers over 1,000 hours of classes for roughly $25 per month or $250 per year, plus a free 30-day trial. Personally, we feel that this company is the best for online art classes any time of day or year, to encourage your child to express themselves through creating artworks.

Art Classes For Kids – FAQ

How Do Online Art Classes for Kids Work?

Online art classes for kids often use pre-recorded lessons and printouts. Most parents pay individually for these classes. 

Some offer an unlimited membership that allows access to the class’ entire library. In some cases, classes are live and interactive, allowing students to meet face-to-face with teachers and interact with each other.

What Are the Benefits Of Online Art Classes for Kids?

Online art classes provide kids with an opportunity to express themselves creatively. Kids enjoy learning new skills and developing their creativity. Classes are a great way for children to spend time alone or with friends.

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