Singulart Review – Pros, Cons & Tips

Investing in and collecting via the online art market is notoriously tricky, with many gallery sites playing host to any artist who shows an interest. This can make searching through the works a headache, and finding an art piece you actually want to invest in almost impossible.

At Singulart, things are done differently. They only host artists whose work they love, and experienced artists with a history of sales.

The result? A curated collection of artworks that are all worth investing in. This is a platform for artists and investors, as well as art lovers looking for a new favorite piece of art.

So, how does Singulart work? And if you’re interested in either buying or selling art, is Singulart the place to do it?

What Is Singulart?

Singulart is an online gallery that collects and lists artworks for sale. The art is provided by contemporary artists, working across the world. But Singulart works a little differently to some other online galleries. All artists using Singulart have been approved and sourced by Singulart themselves.

While some online art galleries are open spaces, allowing every budding artist to sign up, Singulart uses a selection criterion. Artists must have a proven history of sales, an established name, and a potential for growth.

And having drawn the artists to the platform, Singulart doesn’t leave things alone. They take a role in pricing, help buyer’s find what they need, and facilitate conversations between collectors and artists.

For buyers, it means you can buy from artists you know, without fear of being ripped off. For sellers, it means your work gets seen by new audiences, and you get to work closely with art enthusiasts. 

Buying Art On Singulart

Signing up for a Singulart account is quick and easy, although you don’t need to be subscribed to browse the site.

Singulart is aimed at collectors and art lovers, and thanks to their curated site, this is one of the best places to look if you want to make sure you get your money’s worth when buying original artworks from talented artists.

What Art Is Available On Singulart?

All artists selling via Singulart have been vetted and approved for sale by a team of talented curators.

We were concerned that as Singulart does vet every artist, and only a small team actively seeks out artists, that there would be a lack of variety in the artworks for sale.

However, we were pleased to find that this was not the case. There are over 1,000 artists listed on Singulart, with a wide range of styles and mediums being offered.

Artists can sell their work through Singulart using any method they choose. That includes photography, sculpture, and painting. And it isn’t just the medium that has variety. Singulart sells abstract artworks, figurative paintings, and street art, among others. 

A first impression of the art on Singulart online gallery is that it’s bold. Featured artworks tend towards if not the abstract, then the unusual. However, to categorize Singulart as one note would be wrong – there really is something of everything for sale on Singulart.

What Is The Price Range On Singulart?

With all the artists on Singulart having a record of sales, the price range could be high. However, we were once again delighted by the variety. Art was available from under $1000, to over $10,000. 

The prices are determined between the artist and an expert from the online gallery. The average price of the artworks is difficult to find, but with just a brief search, we found artworks from around $500 to over $70,000. We assume the average is between $1,000 and $10,000. 

As the prices are decided via a consultation, you are getting a fair price for the work you buy. This gives Singulart an edge over other online galleries, where the artists set prices entirely by themselves.

The price is based on proven sales records, rather than what the artist might hope the piece is worth.

The range under $1000 is limited, and this is something that could be expanded. Singulart feels very much like a space for new and curious collectors and investors, and those with a serious love of art. Some lower priced works could help attract enthusiasts looking to get a foot on the ladder.

What Is Buying Art On Singulart Like?

Browsing the Singulart website was a joy. The online artworks were easy to view, with simple filters allowing you to separate the abstract oils from the figurative watercolors. 

The filters were comprehensive, letting you filter by style, color, media, size, and more. With so many options available, it was easy to narrow down your search. You can also sort the artworks by date added or most recent additions.

One filter we really liked was the ability to search by color. It made finding an artwork for a specific room much easier.

Singulart also uses professional advisors, who provide guidance on buying art. These advisors include experts in the field of fine arts.

They help buyers make informed decisions about which pieces will suit their needs best. Singulart will also call you to confirm a purchase once your payment has been received.

Having chosen your artwork, the artist takes charge of packing and shipping. Singulart are not involved at this stage, but they do have a set of criteria all artists must meet with delivery.

Delivery is usually handled by DHL or UPS, but sometimes a specialist art delivery service will be used instead.

The shipping cost is not included in the flat rate of the artwork, so prepare for an extra cost added to the sale price.

Don’t like the artwork in person? Singulart offers a 14-day returns’ policy, with the cost of returns covered by Singulart themselves.

Overall, buying art on Singulart is a great experience. The site is well-designed, with good navigation and user-friendly features. The artists are happy to answer any questions you may have, and the prices are diverse.

Selling Art On Singulart

Singulart is a fantastic online gallery for contemporary artists looking to make a sale. They have a reputation for quality artworks from trusted and professional artists, which puts any seller within some rarefied company.

However, this reputation for quality does come from a serious selection process. Singulart choose who is featured on the site, and not just everyone can get in. If Singulart will have you, this is a sales opportunity not to be missed. Of course, you have to make sure Singulart agrees to play host.

The selection criteria for Singulart isn’t too tight, but you must have a proven record of sales. Singulart only takes full time working artists, artists with exhibition history, artists with formal training, and artists with press recognition.

This means that if you’re just starting out as an artist, you will struggle to get into the system.

Although the Singulart criteria seems restrictive, we imagine there is some wiggle room. If they love your work, then some of the more stringent requirements might be relaxed. Singulart does take applications, so if you believe in your work, it’s worth filling one out.


If you make it onto Singulart, one of the major advantages of the platform is that it puts you into contact with art collectors. Singulart also does an impressive amount of marketing and collections, giving you a good chance to get recognized.

And as their experts work alongside buyer’s, there’s a personal approach to making a sale.

The Singulart experts also help you to set your prices, which is a big plus over other online art sites. 

Singulart does take a commission, which appears to be around 45%. Galleries will often charge a 50% commission, so this is actually better than you might expect. There’s also no membership fee, no listing fee, and a potential for free advertising.

It’s a tricky spot for artists. If you can get on to Singulart, it’s a fantastic sales environment. But the reason it’s so remarkable is because Singulart is tough to get on.

What We Like About Singulart

There is a lot we love about Singulart, and we think the way the site has been established is one of the best online art spaces around. The curated collections and enthusiastic experts makes Singulart an online gallery that truly represents the gallery experience.

Every artist using Singulart has to be approved before appearing on the platform, meaning there’s a greater degree of quality to the work. On some other art sales websites, anyone is free to upload and set a price for their work.

That means finding trusted sellers with impressive work and name recognition can be difficult. But with Singulart, you have a better guarantee of finding what you like.

As well as ensuring you don’t have to search too hard to find something worth buying, it makes it easier for collectors. And perhaps more importantly, easier for beginner collectors.

Singulart gives collectors a platform to connect with artists, and establish a relationship. And although there are no promises with art collection, at least with Singulart you can be assured the artists have some level of reputation.

Because Singulart takes time and care to vet each work, there’s a real sense that the company loves art.

The collections are well organized, and clearly chosen with an expert eye. Browsing the website is enjoyable, and the intriguing variety will attract collectors and enthusiasts alike.

What We Don’t Like About Singulart

There isn’t much to dislike about Singulart. It would be good to see the platform expand and introduce more artists, while still maintaining the selection criteria.

However, this is something we assume will come with time. Singulart was only founded in 2017, so we hope some expansion will happen naturally.

Singulart has a number of good reviews from buyer’s online, with the few negative reviews generally related to poor delivery services. It would be good to see Singulart take a more active role in delivery, although we appreciate the generous return’s policy.

Singulart is really focused on collectors, so we’d like to see some editorials on the site. This would transform Singulart into a more welcoming space, and we assume their experts have the talent to make this a reality.

We love the ability to discuss with the experts, but a collection of guides and advice would make it easier to get started.

Is Singulart Reliable?

Singulart is dedicated to supporting artists with an established reputation. They ensure every artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, and every artwork on the site (excluding photographs) are originals, and one of a kind.

We believe Singulart is a reliable and legitimate online art gallery, with a proven history of sales from known artists. 

However, delivery and uploading is handled, for the most part, by the artists themselves. This can lead to occasional issues, although this is true across all online art galleries. 

Singulart also makes an effort to ensure that there are no fakes on the site, and to remove inappropriate listings.

If you’re a collector and you’re interested in purchasing investment pieces, then Singulart is a fantastic platform for finding legitimate artworks.

Final Thoughts

Singulart is an art selling platform with a real focus on both the artists and the buyers. The platform is easy to use, with an endless array of features and filters helping curious collector’s find exactly what it is they’re after.

Still not decided on your choice? The Singulart advisory service can provide guidance and enthusiasm, and help you make an investment.

What sets Singulart apart is the curation of the site. A limited number of artists are featured on Singulart, but each one of them is quality. And despite the artists being picked by a small team of Singulart experts, there’s no lack of styles and mediums.

There are still some issues with Singulart, but as a relatively new art gallery, we hope these small bumps can be smoothed over in time. The premise of Singulart is excellent, and we think this can help you look past any minor details.

All in all, Singulart is a great place to find your new favorite artworks.