Society6 Review – Pros, Cons & Tips

If you’re a painter, doodler, or other types of visual artist, you might find the website Society6 interesting. This website is an excellent choice for those interested in monetizing their artistic endeavors.

Society6 offers a diverse selection of products, including phone cases, t-shirts, and pillowcases. They adorn their items with drawings, paintings, or doodles created by the artists who work with the site.

However, Society6 does not automatically add pictures and designs to items. They give their customers the ability to do so, which gives the customer more choice and variation in the products that they want to buy.

The website’s visitors have access to a large database of varied designs. Clients may browse through hundreds of designs submitted by thousands of different artists once on the website. They may order these designs to be printed on a phone case, a t-shirt, or whatever else they like.

As a Society6 artist, you will receive a percentage of the money produced by the sale of your work. While it is doubtful that you would earn a living selling your work on Society6, you may earn a good amount of money if you do everything right.

While all this makes Society6 sound like an amazing platform for both artists and their customers, is it too good to be true? Here is an in-depth review of Society6.

What Can You Buy or Sell On Society6?

You may immediately begin selling your artwork after enrolling on the website. Almost any type of art is acceptable as long as it follows Society6’s criteria.

It is recommended that you submit artwork in a file with a minimum resolution of 6500px X 6500px. Keep in mind, however, that this data is just reflective of the most commonly purchased items. Shirts, throw cushions, mugs, and wall clocks are among the merchandise available.

If you want to have your artwork printed on other items, you must provide artwork in the proportions specified for these products. Phone cases, rugs, and bath mats are just a few examples of products that must comply with a certain size requirement. Specifications for these items may be found on their website.

The website allows contributions of almost any type of artwork. It is irrelevant whether the design is created by hand or with the aid of a design program such as Adobe Illustrator. Even Word Art can be submitted.

You should, however, keep license agreements in mind when creating and uploading artwork. Certain pieces of art may infringe against the intellectual property rights of a corporation. Naturally, Society6 will reject your request if this is the case. In most cases, there will be no legal implications for providing information that breaches an existing license agreement.

Society6 is essentially a forum for artists of all mediums. If you draw, sketch, paint, or digitally portray, you may benefit from Society6.

How To Upload Work to Society6

In general, uploading artwork to Society6 is a rather basic process. All you need to do is pay close attention to and strictly follow the offered instructions.

Numerous types of image files are required for various types of products. As such, if you’re interested in having your artwork printed on a t-shirt, you can submit either a PNG or a JPG file. If you wish to have your artwork printed on a phone case, it must be submitted as a JPG file.

Naturally, extra sizing restrictions apply. Occasionally, you’ll be provided with a variety of acceptable images. You may be required to upload images of a specified size in some cases.

The essential aspect is to strictly follow the guidelines. This way, your artwork will be immediately visible on your online marketplace. The sooner you make it available in your shop, the sooner prospective buyers may read it and determine whether to purchase it for their purchases.

In summary, if you adhere to the guidelines correctly, the Society6 uploading process is quick and straightforward. Within an hour, your artwork might be uploaded on the website and available for purchase.

How To Promote Your Artwork on Society6

The most successful way to promote your artwork on Society is to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as a variety of other sites that allow friends, family, and strangers to find your work.

However, if you share your artwork only through social media, it will take an extremely long time to build a following.

If you want to speed up the process, you may purchase adverts on Facebook or Instagram. However, advertising costs have risen dramatically in recent years. It is doubtful that your sales revenue will cover your advertising costs if you choose to go down this route.

The Society6 Review

Society6 Pricing

Society6’s pricing model is fairly diverse. Your earnings are entirely dependent on the type of product on which your work is printed. As you would expect, smaller products pay out less than larger ones.

Society6 will frequently determine how much you may make from the sale of a certain item. With art prints, on the other hand, you have the option of selecting your own price. Unframed art prints, framed art prints, and stretch canvases are all available. You have the option of setting a different price for each print type.

Society6 sets the prices for all of its other items. The best way to make a decent amount of money is to hope that your artwork gets made into a metal print. If this happens, you can get up to $16 for this work.

On the other hand, the lowest amount of money you can earn from a single sale of your artwork is if it is printed on a mug. Typically, you will receive around $1.50 for having your artwork printed here.

Various items fall between these two categories, each having its Society6-defined pricing, and you will have to take a closer look at their website to see the average prices of their products. 

How Much Can I Earn On Average?

If you are looking at Society6, then you are undoubtedly curious as to how much money you can make from selling your artwork on this site. But for this, there is no straight answer. Everything from advertising, to the number of artworks shown in your shop, to the type of product on which your art is printed affects your overall royalties.

Individuals who submit artwork to Society6 on an irregular basis may only earn only a few dollars each month. Regular contributors who promote themselves poorly can frequently make a couple of hundred dollars each month.

Meanwhile, those that contribute frequently and effectively market their work may make $1,000 or more each month. However this is more the exception rather than the rule, it is very rare to make more than a few hundred dollars a month. 

On Society6, your work will be shown alongside that of a great number of other artists. Not only must it stand out among these other pieces of art, but it must outnumber them as well. Essentially, you must consistently submit a huge number of high-quality artwork to receive the maximum reward.

Unfortunately, it is very rare for people to be able to make a living wage from selling their work on Society6. You may however make some extra income and spending money, which can be useful in day-to-day spending or can be added to your savings. 

Society6 Pros & Cons


It’s not all bad news though, there are some benefits of using Society6 to promote and sell your artwork.

1. You Can Keep The Rights To Your Art

A big worry for artists is that they will upload their art to a website and find it on a mug being sold without their permission later. If this happens, it is very difficult for the artist to make any sort of profit from their work. 

This is not the case with Society6. This site allows you to keep all the rights of your artwork, and will always give you a cut of the profits. 

2. Easy To Set Up And Use

So long as you follow all of the guidelines and rules of the site, it is super easy to create your account and start selling your artwork. 

3. No Cap On Image Uploads

A lot of websites like this have a cap on the number of images you can upload at once. Sometimes they require an extra fee if you wish to go over this amount, which is just another cost that you have to overcome when you are trying to make a profit from your work. 

Having less artwork in your store means that you will make less profit overall, which is why you will be grateful that Society6 does not have any limitations like this. 

4. A Good Way To Make Extra Income 

While you will not be able to make a living wage from selling work on Society6, you could be making a few hundred dollars each month if you use the site correctly. This is not a small amount of money and will be very useful to add to your savings or use as extra spending money. 


The criticism you can find on Society6 includes some common complaints:

1. Limited Earning Prospects

If you’re looking to supplement your income using Society6, the bad news is that your earning potential will be fairly restricted.

You get a little fee on each transaction, and it’s tough to drive visitors to your artwork on the site. Additionally, competition on the site is very intense. When you go on you will find hundreds if not thousands of designs, some of which may unintentionally look very similar to your own. 

If people are selling similar designs to you at a lower price, then it is highly likely that customers will buy from them rather than you. 

2. Society6 Has A Very Low Trustpilot Score

As each rating is validated, Trustpilot is the most trusted customer review site. Society6 presently has a two-star rating on Trustpilot. As a result, it seems as though consumers are highly dissatisfied with it.

3. Products Are Of Poor Quality

While your design may be amazing, the quality of production is as important. According to customer reviews, Society6’s items are of poor quality as the materials used are very cheap. 

As a result, you may experience a spike in client complaints not because of the artwork itself, but because of the product, which is a factor that is out of your hands. 

4. Slow Shipping Speed

If you want to earn money on Society6, you must cooperate with a logistics firm. However, it looks as though there are a number of reservations about Society6’s fulfillment speed and accuracy.

This results in a high refund rate, which results in a significant amount of both money and time lost. 

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Is Society6 Safe & Legit?

Yes, Society6 can be considered safe and legit.

When artists submit works to Society6 on an irregular basis, they may often make only a few dollars each month. If you routinely submit artwork with some social media advertising, you might expect to earn little more than a few hundred dollars.

Even if you excel at promotion, the amount of money you would make is little. Almost certainly the most you can expect to make per month is $1000, though this is very rare. 

Summary – Is Society6 Worth It?

If you’re considering selling your artwork on Society6, you might as well give it a go. If it does not sell, you will just have wasted some time and nothing else. 

A pro of this site is that you retain entire ownership of your artwork when you submit it to Society6. This enables you to use it on more platforms like this, such as Threadless. You won’t have to worry about intellectual property infringements.

While some similar sites may pay more, you never know where your artwork will be discovered. A better way to make money would be to put your artwork on more sites, not just Society6. This boosts your visibility and will probably lead to more profits. 

Overall, Society6 is an excellent platform for artists wishing to supplement their income. Again, selling on Society6 is unlikely to earn you a livelihood, but it may be a fantastic source of additional cash and is a good way to promote your artwork.