YellowKorner Review – Pros, Cons & Tips

YellowKorner is a leading art photography website, with over a decade of experience in the varied world of art photography. 

Art photography is a skill that can create beautiful and captivating images. Even though almost anyone can now pick up a camera of some kind and take tons of images within a moment’s notice – such as with a phone camera -not everyone can easily take an artistic image. 

Art photography is certainly a hobby and profession that takes patience, and whilst almost anyone can go on the Internet and call themselves an art photographer, professional art photography is not something that everyone can do, no matter what level of equipment you invest in. 

When it comes to purchasing art photography, it can be a bit intimidating to know where to start looking as there are so many options available.

YellowKorner not only offer a place to find some of good quality art photography prints to purchase (at a price that isn’t going to force you to take out a second mortgage!), but they also provide a platform for up-and-coming art photographers and give them a chance to display their work on a global stage. 

Whether you are a photographer trying to find your footing in the world of art photography, or a consumer looking for a place to purchase high-quality art photography prints, then YellowKorner is sure to be a game-changer for you!

We are going to be looking at the YellowKorner brand and diving into what they offer as a business, as well as diving into a bit of their origin story. Let’s get started. 

What is YellowKorner?

As mentioned above, YellowKorner is a business that sells professional art photography prints. As well as this, YellowKorner also offers art photographers the chance to show their work to a large audience.

The main goal when they came to be was to create a space wherein art photography could be accessible to everybody, leading to them becoming a leading publisher in art photography. 

YellowKorner’s Beginnings

YellowKorner was established over a decade ago in 2006 by two friends who had both been photography enthusiasts since childhood: Paul-Antoine Briat and Alexandre de Metz. The French duo had always had a strong passion for the medium of art photography.

They also had the benefit of being able to see the format from two different perspectives, thanks to being both creators and photographers themselves, as well as admirers and consumers of art photography. 

This shared love of photography caused a wave of inspiration to hit the pair, coming up with the concept of an online collective that could allow for the simple selling of fine art photography – with the fairest outcome for the photographers -, but that was also more accessible to everyday people. Thus, YellowKorner was born!

How Does YellowKorner Operate?

From looking at who YellowKorner is as a brand, it is easy to see that the business works by focusing on two particular factors: discovering photography talent and making their work accessible to the public.

Let’s take a look at both of these elements and see how YellowKorner goes about implementing them into their art photography business. 

Finding and Promoting Upcoming Photographers

YellowKorner is operated via a committee of experts that have a wide range of expertise across all kinds of eras, styles, and themes of art photography, with a date range that varies from 1880 to the present day.

The committee acts as talent scouts of sorts, searching for budding art photographers to become part of their gallery. 

YellowKorner is well known for their promotion of young photographers and helping them as they begin their journey into art photography, with well-known fine art photographers such as Lee Jeffries and Laurent Baheux showcasing work in their early careers with the help of YellowKorner. 

Once the committee has chosen the talent, they will then assist them in sharing and marketing their work to get it out to the public. 

By doing this, a whole new world of opportunities can open up for artists, who might have been struggling to get their foot in the door of art photography for a long time. 

Not only that, but this method of bringing together a wide range of fine art photographers allows for the creation of an artistic community.

This community allows professional photographers to share their skills and knowledge, giving them a chance to teach others whilst also learning from other, less experienced photographers. 

This creates ample opportunities for contemporary artists to see their work alongside the work of some of the greats -from photography greats such as Man Ray, Slim Aarons, or Matthieu Ricard- as well as period photographers, such as Leon Gimpel or Kusakabe Kimbei. 

YellowKorner offers an excellent opportunity for photographers of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds to come together and become part of a forum where they can learn and grow whilst also giving their work a public platform. 

Selling the Work of Art Photographers

Once the committee has their chosen photographers, YellowKorner then offers the chance for publicity that newer photographers desperately need to start getting their work recognized and start making some revenue.

Not only is this great for artists who might have struggled to find a suitable platform beforehand, but it is also a magnificent way to bring awareness to the medium of art photography as a whole. 

There are two methods in which the artist’s work can be viewed and purchased with YellowKorner: online and through physical exhibition sites. First, let’s discuss the general print process. 

Once printed by the experts at the Zeinberg laboratory (more on them later), the prints are numbered and a certificate of authenticity is provided to the buyer. A choice is then given regarding which of the following formats the buyer wants for their chosen photograph:

  • Classic
  • Colorful
  • Large Format
  • Giant Format
  • Collector
  • Prestige.

This is all done under the supervision of the artist, whose consent is obtained before any purchases are made. 

YellowKorner Review

Physical Exhibition Sites

When it comes to displaying the photography work, YellowKorner goes above and beyond to ensure that this is done in a way that is fair to the artist whilst giving the consumer the chance to view the art with the utmost professionalism.

All the galleries that YellowKorner chooses for their exhibitions must first satisfy several requirements. 

One of the most important requirements is that the gallery must be a place of culture and conviviality wherein exchanges can take place between the artist in question and the public via means such as classes, exhibitions, or events.

By doing this, it allows the work of the artists to be embraced fully by the public, thanks to the cooperation of YellowKorner and the galleries themselves who are guaranteed to guide visitors and give them a more in-depth experience of the art. 

YellowKorner currently democratizes art photography via a whopping 130 galleries across the world! One of the major galleries involved is the La Hune, Saint-Germain- Des-Pres Bookshop Gallery, located in Paris, France. 

The first floor of this space is a revisited YellowKorner gallery, where there are various items for sale. The gallery contains a wide range of numbered prints from a variety of photographers, as well as exclusive photography books and limited edition art books. If you find yourself in the area, make sure you check it out! 

The online gallery- YellowKorner – allows the buyer full access to every piece from the YellowKorner collection, making it a fantastic option for those who might not be able to get to one of the 130 affiliated galleries. 

The online sales process allows for a wide range of formats and finishes as well as some exclusive content too, such as information sections about the artists, new photographs that have become a part of their collection only recently, or even some personal stories about the inception and creation of certain photographs by the artists themselves. 

The online gallery is an incredibly immersive experience that allows consumers to get the best experience possible. Letting them peruse art photography at their leisure and make purchases without the hassle of having to get to an affiliated gallery. 

We have looked at how YellowKorner displays the work of their photographers, but how are their prints made into such high-quality final products? Let’s take a look behind the curtain at how it’s done!

The prints that are offered by YellowKorner are all non-digital prints that are produced by the professionals of the Zeinberg laboratory (who we mentioned above), the official photographic laboratory of YellowKorner.

Zeinberg combines both traditional and contemporary methods to ensure that all prints are of the highest and most professional quality, maintaining the integrity and the work of the photographer as they do so. 

Zeinberg has been in the business of producing non-digital prints with traditional paper for a decade now, and with so much of the art community venturing into the digital world, they are needed now more than ever! 

Photographers and art galleries still very much rely on the services of laboratories such as Zeinberg, and their dedication to creating the highest quality art prints is second to none. Zeinberg utilizes experts in the field of photography and traditional, non-digital prints to see each phase of the production process through to completion with the highest possible quality. 

Each and every photograph will be entrusted to one of the skilled experts, who will comb over the image thoroughly to ensure a high-end finish and optimal resolution, before going through the non-digital printing process. This process is done using the most advanced non-digital printing technologies possible. 

Zeinberg is a reputable company whose long-term collaborations- which include the likes of galleries, collectors, photographers, and international museums- are proof of their dedication to both the best customer service and the highest quality prints. 

There is a good reason as to why YellowKorner is partnered with Zeinberg, and that is their professionalism, their integrity, and their commitment to preserving the work of the artists and creating the highest quality prints from their visions.

Final Thoughts 

YellowKorner has truly earned its reputation for being one of the leading publishers of art photography. Their goal of creating a brand that is accessible to the public has been achieved excellently since YellowKorner was established back in 2006. 

The accessibility factor comes from the two different buying and viewing options- online and via the 130 affiliated art galleries that are scattered around the world. The online gallery makes it possible for a wider range of people to view and purchase photography prints. 

Those living far away from any of the specific galleries that YellowKorner is partnered with get an equal opportunity to buy the prints, should they so wish to.

This is also an excellent feature for the artists themselves, as it means that their work is reaching much more people than it would if it was only in a physical gallery. 

The physical galleries have their benefits too, of course, thanks to YellowKorner ensuring that all the galleries that they are partners with are places of culture and conviviality.

This agreement allows for the best possible gallery experience for casual photography fans and art and photography enthusiasts, as well as those going in with the intent to buy. 

A physical art gallery experience is always going to be an excellently immersive way to get up close and personal with art photography, but as we said, it isn’t always going to be the most viable option for everyone.

Whether it is online or in-person, YellowKorner offers every opportunity possible for consumers and photography buffs alike to view and purchase the highest quality art photographs from skilled artists across the world. 

YellowKorner also emphasizes this accessible nature with their prices.

They want the average working person to be able to afford their prints just as much as anyone and strive to make their prints as affordable as they can, with their official website stating that when the company was created, they had the goal to offer more for less in terms of art photography: 

“Instead of offering 10 prints for 5,000 euros, YellowKorner chooses to publish 1,000 for 50 euros.” 

This allows for a broader demographic of people to be able to enjoy art photography without having to break the bank if they want to take a print home. 

YellowKorner manages to maintain its reputation as a leading publisher of art photography thanks to these methods of accessibility, but also thanks to the high quality and care that goes into the creation of every print.

The combination of classical and contemporary non-digital printing methods utilized by Zeinberg allows for the highest quality of print whilst maintaining the work of the original photographer. 

All of these elements come together perfectly to make YellowKorner one of the most reputable and high-quality art photography publishers for both consumers and photographers. 


In short, if you are interested in purchasing art photography, then YellowKorner is the place to visit. With physical and online galleries to choose between, YellowKorner caters for all of their customers, and that is why they have become such a popular institution in the world of art.