GreatBigCanvas Review – All You Should Know

A canvas print of famous artwork, movie posters, or even your own photographs may bring a touch of elegance and style to any area in your home. They are used as a way to express yourself and your interests and are a great way to add some color and personality to your living space. 

However, with so many accessible options, including the numerous services found online,  how can you choose which one to use? Is Great Big Canvas the optimal choice?

Today, we will be reviewing and will cover as much as we can about their numerous products, how easy it is to place an order and receive the time, and the quality of their products. 

Read on to learn all about this company. 

GreatBigCanvas – Who Are They?

GreatBigCanvas was started in 2006 and presently holds a collection of over 20,000 photographs. It was created because of how successful the Circle Graphics’ CanvasOnDemand brand became. 

CanvasOnDemand began in 2002 as a web-based business that lets customers create a customized canvas print. They could do this by choosing one of the images on the site or uploading their own. 

In 2009, the company expanded its canvas pattern choices by adding framed canvas prints to its lineup. In 2012, the company licensed hundreds of thousands of photographs, allowing it to develop its canvas printing features even more.

By 2015, the business had expanded its canvas print production capabilities and increased production rates.

It debuted a ground-breaking impact-resistant solid face canvas print in 2019. 

GreatBigCanvas Products Overview

As well as creating and transforming inspirational images into wall-mounted canvas prints, GreatBigCanvas manufactures a patented impact-resistant solid-faced canvas print, which is available only through the company’s online store.

Additionally, it features a carefully curated library of artworks from which you may choose to have a print copied. At the moment, this collection has around 730,000 pieces of art for you to choose from.

Each work of art is made by a licensed artist, which means you have to buy the artwork before the printing process. The biggest benefit this has for the buyer is that it allows you to both upload or choose an image to be printed.

The canvas print is made with fade-resistant archival ink and is available in sizes ranging from 24 by 18 to 60 by 45 inches.

The licensed art collection has been organized into 40 unique categories depending on art genres, décor style, subject matter, and art trends.

As a consequence, the consumer has a diverse range of painting styles to choose from. As you may have expected, it prioritizes framed prints rather than unframed prints.

Their gallery-wrapping technique is used for frameless prints, resulting in a full-bleed print.

All of their hardwood frames are hand-crafted and are available in two thicknesses: 0.75inches and 1.5 inches, and may be used to frame the solid-faced print in either case. Matboard is used to back this type of print.

Additionally, three other methods of wrapping the print around the frame borders are available:  mirror wrap, colored border, and image wrap.

The price of the licensed art is decided by four factors: the price of canvas printing, the price of the canvas material, the cost of the frame, and the cost of the art. 

1. Printing 

GreatBigCanvas offers clients both digital canvas printing and photography options. This means the consumer only has to choose a photograph and place the order for printed goods.

Additionally, it allows for the uploading of a digital image for printing. Canvas printing is not all that this company does though, they offer a wide variety of other printing services as well. The artwork from their site can be printed on photo paper, paper boards, pillowcases, and even wall peels

But their biggest seller is the mounted print. Non-canvas printing though is referred to as specialized printing. This category includes printing picture boards, poster paper, banners, bus rolls, and fabric. Paper printing can be used to make peel-and-stick prints, mounted prints, and posters.  

The high-quality art on GreatBigCanvas has licensed art that is printed on cotton canvas. This is assured by the resolution and quality that you will be able to see in the art, compared with the client’s digital image.

2. Digital Images

As previously indicated, GreatBigCanvas accepts both licensed digital artwork and client-supplied digital photographs for printing.

A high-resolution digital image must be uploaded otherwise the application that organizes and profiles photographs for printing would reject it.

3. Licensed Collection

The art collection on GreatBigCanvas is so large that it has been split into 4 categories, with each of these being filled with subcategories of artwork. 

GreatBigCanvas Review

Art Designs

This is the first and largest category in GreatBigCanvas’ licensed art collection. There are 15 subcategories in total, with the following ones being the most popular with customers:

  • Contemporary art
  • Abstract art
  • Children art
  • Fantasy art
  • Vintage art
  • Graffiti art
  • Fine art photography

Art Subject

This is the second-largest category of the 4. Each of these 10 categories focuses on art that is about a specific subject. The most popular ones are:

  • Nature
  • City skylines
  • Beaches
  • Entertainment art – film, TV, music 
  • Florals 

Art Movement 

This category features nine subcategories that are based on an art movement. Here are the best selling ones:

  • Surrealism
  • Modern art
  • Baroque and renaissance art
  • Minimalist art
  • Pop art

Decor Style

This final category has the smallest number of subcategories, with there being just six. The best ones include:

  • Industrial
  • Bohemian
  • Modern farmhouse 
  • Modern glam

As well as all of the above styles, which when looked at equal thousands of designs for you to choose from. You can also sort the collection by artist if you wish. This may make it much easier to find what you are looking for. 

The use of licensed art restricts the size of canvas prints that may be created, as each piece of art is created to fit a specific canvas size.

However, because customers may upload digital images for printing, GreatBigCanvas lets clients choose the size of their canvas prints.

The shape of the canvas print also influences its size.

Canvas prints are offered in two basic shapes: rectangles and squares:

  • Rectangular — This shape is great for displaying one-of-a-kind canvas prints vertically or horizontally.
  • Square — This form is perfect for canvas prints that will be arranged precisely in a grid structure consisting of many panels.

The following are the most common canvas print sizes in inches:

  • 24″ × 18″ (24 18) – This is a massive rectangular print intended to be hung horizontally on a wall. As a result, it works exceptionally well as a standalone canvas print. It may be positioned vertically. Additionally, it may be comfortably framed.
  • 30” x 23” – This rectangular canvas artwork is suitable for framing with the company’s basic frames.
  • 36” x 27” – Available framed or rolled, this rectangular print is 36 27 inches wide.
  • 40” x30” — This is a large rectangular print.
  • 48” x 36” – rectangular canvas print.
  • 60” x 45” – This extra-large rectangular canvas print is great for showcasing your work.

GreatBigCanvas Frames

When compared to their competitor canvas printing companies, GreatBigCanvas focuses on framed prints rather than unframed prints. This allows for the manufacturing of frameless prints, which are commonly accomplished by their gallery-wrapping method, which produces a full-bleed canvas print.

Framed prints are favored over frameless prints due to their superior usefulness and aesthetic. 

Aesthetically pleasing wood frames with crisp corners are used in their products.

Frames are classified into two broad categories: stylized frames and plain, straight-bordered frames. The color of the frame gives a more aesthetic appeal to the final canvas print.

Additionally, the frame may be braced, either at the corners or in the center.

At the moment, frames are divided into two types according to their thickness:

  • 0.75-inch – The standard thickness for portraits.
  • 1.5-inch — Perfect for hanging a large canvas print.

Here are the biggest advantages of framing the print with GreatBigCanvas::

The frame may be adjusted as needed.

The frame’s color may be harmonized with the wall’s color.

The frame’s design creates an attractive environment. For example, stylistic frames impart a crucial emotional tone to the overall artwork.

Protection for the solid-faced print. Before framing a regular framed print, you can choose to have it laminated between sheets of plexiglass to form a dust cover (around the back of the image) and protective plexiglass (in front of the image).

Floral artwork

Normal Framed Vs Solid-Faced Canvas Print

GreatBigCanvas sells two types of framed prints: normal stretched framed prints and solid-faced prints.

The canvas print is stretched tautly above a mat board that acts as the image’s solid backdrop and then encased in a 1.25-inch thick frame.

The matboard backing doubles as a dust cover and supports the whole framed picture, keeping it from shattering if it is dropped on a hard surface, such as a tiled floor or marble, earning it the title “impact-resistant canvas print.”

Typically, a robust wood, white, or black painted frame is used.

The canvas is stretched over the frame and then stapled in place to keep it taut in a traditional framed print.

This implies that the canvas print has no support and may be damaged if the frame breaks. Nonetheless, this framing lets the canvas be stretched on a designed frame.

GreatBigCanvas – Wrap Style

GreatBigCanvas gives three distinct frame choices for canvas prints: colored border, mirror wrap, and picture wrap.

There are three basic types of picture wrap: rolled print and two gallery wrap designs – thin gallery wrap and thick wrap – for frames with a thickness of.75-inch or 1.5-inch, respectively.

Golden yellow, white and black, are the predominant border colors. Nonetheless, the client has the choice of border color selection.

To hang framed canvas artwork on walls, mounting tools, and parts are necessary. The three basic types of mounting hardware that GreatBigCanvas ships are easel stands, hanging hooks, and sawtooth hangers.

What mounting hardware you use is decided by the size of the canvas print and the frame.

Large frames are often thick and heavy, necessitating the use of heavy-duty mounting hardware, whereas small frames may be hung easily using easel supports or hanging hooks. 

GreatBigCanvas – Prices

The cost of printing varies depending on a variety of factors. Specifically, the size, the licensing status of the artwork, and the framing.

When compared to the competition, Great Big Canvas represents exceptional value. They charge less for some items than the competitors, presumably because they are large enough to operate on lower margins.

They accept major credit cards and PayPal, which is quite convenient for the majority of customers. Additionally, the organization provides outstanding personal customer support via email and a highly responsive live chat. Telephone assistance is also available if you would rather use that. 

Pros And Cons Of GreatBigCanvas


  • Makes high-quality canvas art that uses fade-resistant ink 
  • Allows the customers to print their images
  • Very easy to order from and has lots of payment methods
  • Has a huge selection of art split into easy to navigate categories
  • Have 3 options wrapping the canvas on the frames – image wrap, colored border, and mirror wrap
  • Has 2 types of finishes available – matt and semi-gloss
  • Makes solid-faced, impact-resistant canvases


  • Cannot edit images that you upload on the site
  • All uploaded images must be high-resolution so that they look good when blown up to canvas size

Summary – Is GreatBigCanvas A Good Service?

Overall, any customer will love Great Big Canvas’s wide selection of canvas prints. Browsing their website is like being inundated with potential purchases. One of the best features of the website is the “Art by Room” feature, which makes it super easy to find gorgeous artwork for your bedroom, kitchen, or man cave. 

The ordering process is straightforward, and the selection of frame and finish options is exceptional. This company will not disappoint if you’re looking for a canvas print.