Review – All You Need to Know is a service that allows you to create beautiful prints at affordable prices. They offer free shipping worldwide, and they even provide a return policy.

Minted was founded in 2011 by two friends who wanted to create something unique. The company has grown into a global brand with over 100 employees and thousands of customers around the globe.

Minted offers a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. Their team of designers creates each design using their proprietary software. Once the design is approved, they print it onto high-quality shirts, canvases, and other stationery pieces.

The customer reviews are very positive on this site. Most people love how easy it is to use and how fast delivery time can be.

If you need to make some custom t-shirts for your business or yourself, then this is a great place to start.

What is

Minted has a large community of independent artists and designers that are stationed in over 100 countries worldwide. 

They feature designers, illustrators, graphic designers, painters, and so many more people in the creative art community. Including stay-at-home mothers and marketers who may find it more difficult to create their work to generate their income outside the home.

Some of these people have their own design degrees, and some are just looking to participate in competitions for learning how to design for the first time. Either way, they all share a deep passion and love for creative expressions, risk-taking, personal development, and helping each other. 

If you’re looking to join this community, it’s never been easier than through their website itself. 

How Does Work?

You’ll see different categories when you visit, including T-Shirts, Canvas Prints, Posters, Wall Art, Framed Art, Jewelry, Home Decor, Clothing Accessories, and much more! Each category will have its own subcategories, which include “Designer” and “Artist.”

You’ll notice that most of the products are listed as “Custom Made,” meaning that they are made especially for you. This means that you won’t get any stock items, but rather only what you want. The process is simple:

  1. Choose your product
  2. Select your size and color
  3. Add your text (if applicable)
  4. Check out and pay
  5. Wait for your order to arrive
  6. Enjoy your new item!

It really couldn’t be simpler. You’ll also receive an email confirmation once your order is placed.

What Makes Different From Other Companies?

There are several things that set them apart from other companies. First off, they are completely transparent about everything. There are no hidden fees or surprises. Everything is laid out clearly on their website, and there are no tricks or gimmicks used to lure you in.

They offer free shipping on orders over $200. That’s right, if you spend over $200, you don’t even have to worry about paying for shipping.

They offer multiple payment options, including PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay.

They offer 24/7 customer service via phone, chat, and email. Furthermore, they accept returns within 30 days of purchase, and they offer a money-back guarantee.

Brief Overview Of Their Services

They have different types of artwork available for you to browse. You can choose from paintings, sketches, photographs, and other forms of digital media. Their artists use diverse styles and techniques to create unique pieces of art. 

Some of them are drawn, some are painted, others are mixed media, and still, others are digitally created. Artwork by the artist is also available in different sizes and price ranges. 

Artwork that focuses on a particular subject is appealing to people who enjoy realism and naturalism. People love looking at artworks that show the beauty of nature.

Watercolors and oil paintings are especially popular because of their ability to capture the beauty of nature. A vacation rental or beach house needs artwork that shows the ocean, beaches, boardwalks, and surfboards.

A desert, tropical, great outdoor, or city-living themed wall painting should be carried forward with fine art depicting various elements of different landscapes and settings. 

Rustic themes should be achieved by canvas art celebrating pine forests or abandoned barns. 

Floral and botanical art should bring the beauty found in nature into your home. Flowers, plants, and flowers painted in bright colors can do wonders for your decor. These are all factors that Minted takes into consideration with their services and products.

 A modern design style is used throughout this website. Abstract art is featured by using many colors and patterns. 

Earthy and hippie vibes are maintained by using natural scenery and muted color schemes. 

Vintage art features old-fashioned buildings and equipment. They pay attention to schemes and what art and decorative pieces can work around them.

Minted offers a variety of services, including:

Custom Design – Create a unique design for your business or project using their online tool.

Digital Printing – Get your designs printed onto a canvas, paper, vinyl, wood, metal.

Each designer or artist has their own page where they showcase their designs, including pricing information, sizes available, and more. They also have a gallery section where you can view examples of their previous work. Review

Options For All Ages

If you’re looking for artwork to place in your kid’s new room, they’ve curated a selection of art perfect for kids. Over half of their contributors are parents themselves and know what toys and activities appeal to young ones. Browse below for ideas on how to decorate your kid’s room!

Nursery Art – Minted has over 500 original nursery wall-art prints. Brighten the space with images of baby animals and hot air balloons.

Their personalized photo art lets you show off your favorite baby pictures in a collage or add important details like birthdate, weight, and height to make sure everyone knows who this little person really is.

Kids art is great for decorating children’s rooms. It’s safe because you won’t break anything if it falls off the wall. As a child ages, so do their interests, so surrounding them with refreshing art that celebrates and encapsulates outer space, travel, zoo animals, and so much more will keep their minds active and excited! 

Consider printing your design as possible canvas art, as this is much safer than the glass-framed options if it accidentally falls off the wall.

Teen’s art is perfect to show off to their friends. Modern photographs, cool landscapes, and unusual arrangements make this a great selection. Price Range

The price range varies depending on the type of product you choose. Some examples are:

  • T-Shirt – $15-$25
  • Canvas Print – $50-$75
  • Posters – $100-$150
  • Wall Art – $250-$500
  • Framed Art – $300-$600
  • Jewelry – $35-$45
  • Home Decor – $65-$125
  • Clothing Accessories – $30-$60
  • Other Products – $10-$20

Overall, we think that the prices are very reasonable. Especially considering that you can customize every aspect of your product. Special Promotions

Yes! They have weekly contests where you can win prizes by creating something using one of their templates. These templates are designed specifically for beginners and are easy to use. 

Plus, you can enter without having to register with Minted. Just click on the template you’d like to try, and start designing!

If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive exclusive discounts and promotions before anyone else does. Size And Framing

The moment you discover an art print through Minted that you love, they’ll let you decide on exactly how it will be arranged. So, firstly you’re going to be deciding if you’d like it to be framed, unframed, or printed onto a professional canvas.

Next, you’ll be selecting the size of the frame, for your artwork to be created and placed in. Their smallest sizing option starts from 5″ by 7″ and increases gradually until the largest print option available, which is 44″ by 60″. 

They’ll create an art print of your choice and deliver it directly to your door. Choose any size you’d like (5″x7″, 8″x 10″, 11″x 14″, 16″x 20″, 20″x 24″, 22″x 28″, 24″x 30″, 28″x 36″, 30″x 40″, 32″x 44″, 36″x 48″, 40″x60″). Your art will be delivered to your doorstep within 3 days of placing your order.

When you select to add a frame to the art print you are going to be receiving, they will then let you take charge of the final presentation! You can select from dozens of impressive and beautiful framing options ranging in materials, styles, and overall appearance for aesthetic purposes.

They have many wood options available that have been handcrafted in Italy, and then manufactured from hand-carved mango wood and reclaimed barn wood. 

They also have some metal frame options that have been accented with copper or brushed silver finishes, so deciding on a frame style to suit your needs and artwork preferences has never been easier.

Taking photo of artwork

Minted Artists And Designers

Minted is a design marketplace. They help artists get their designs out there, so they have created a platform where they can connect independent designers with art-savvy consumers. Artists from all walks and backgrounds are encouraged to submit their designs through regular design challenges.

Through the power of crowdsourcing, Minted is able to determine what designs are most popular and deserving of being sold on their site. When shoppers browse their site for the perfect print, they can see the winning design’s title and description.

These details come directly from the designer who originally submitted the artwork. In addition, when customers purchase a piece of canvas or framed wall art, a portion of the sale goes directly back to the original artist, helping them continue creating.

You can learn more about each independent artist, and even buy more of their work through their online stores, they can create for free through Minted!

What Can Minted Offer To My Home?

Fine Art Prints are artworks that are created by an artist with the sole purpose of them being enjoyed or reflected upon. These works of art are made available in many sizes and colors.

Each piece is numbered and signed by the artist. Minted provides the essentials for you to select and frame your artwork in your home, making the process easier than ever.

Minimalist art prints are great for decorating the walls of any room. 

Abstract art prints are perfect for calming rooms and creating an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. 

Colorful art prints are ideal for brightening up a room. Choose from a variety of sizes and frame styles to create a unique look for each room.

There truly are options for every room style out there, even for the most niche of tastes. So, you can let your unique sense of style and passions come through in the art prints you purchase and decide to display and hang in your very own home. 

Quality And Craftsmanship

Their holiday cards are printed on premium paper made by a family-owned business. Signature Paper is a subtle white coloring and texture that feels soft like cotton. Customers grow to love this paper stock because it delivers over the years. The paper is usually 130lb, 19.3 point thickness, and it’s available in many colors.

Smooth signature paper is made exclusively for It features high-quality photos printed on the front side and a soft cotton backside. It is ideal for sending holiday cards.

The paper is made from recycled material and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It is also wind-powered.

Pearlescent paper adds a soft polish and a shine. It’s perfect for cards featuring photographs and creating ultimate elegance. The double-thick paper adds some weight and rigidity. Your fingers will feel an absorbent cotton texture and a 240 lb., 35 pt thickness.

The minted triple-thick paper is available on select options. This unbendable luxury stock will help ensure that this holiday card lasts for years to come. Shipping Policy

Once your order is placed, they’ll start working on your masterpiece. Their team will be ready to assemble your piece in 10-15 days, depending on the size and complexity of your artwork. Your custom artwork will be shipped in sturdy packaging designed to keep your artwork safe during transit.

Why Use Minted To Send Your Holiday Cards And Prints?

Millions of people around the world send out Christmas cards each December. Some main reasons to send a card are: showing someone how much you care about him or her, updating family and friends on significant life events, sharing your love of the holidays and winter, and giving others an opportunity to share their love of the holiday season.

A card is a nice way to express gratitude for the year that is ending. You can also update your family photo, and you can share it with friends via social media. Send a card as a gift to someone who might appreciate it. This is something you may wish to take advantage of with Minted because of their amazing and high-quality stock available. 

Final Thoughts

The main reason why we think is a wise and brilliant choice for your printing services is because of their unique services available and how they take care of not only the products they’re selling to you, but the service they’re providing you through care and support, right the way through to the final payment and receiving of the item. 

This kind of care does not go unrecognized and is appreciated, companies that take this extra care are more likely to succeed and receive more sales because of their attention to details within the industry.